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RePEc plagiarism offenders

Recognized by the RePEc plagiarism committee

Reverse chronological listing of plagiarism offenders, as established by the committee following the procedures. Affiliation is as of the time of the decision.
  1. Carlos Pestana Barros (Technical University of Lisbon)
  2. Carlos Pestana Barros (Technical University of Lisbon)
  3. Sylvester Jatta
  4. Sylvester Jatta
  5. Sylvester Jatta
  6. Jixiang Wang (School of Economics and Management, Southeast University, Nanjing), Qingli Da (School of Economics and Management, Southeast University, Nanjing), Yanhua Wang (School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Min Hang)
  7. Cosmin Marinescu (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest)
  8. Cosmin Marinescu (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest)
  9. Dorel Ailenei (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest) and Amalia Cristescu (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest)
  10. Arshia Amiri (GREQAM) and Bruno Ventelou (GREQAM and SE4S)
  11. Arshia Amiri (GREQAM) and Ulf-G. Gerdtham (Lund University and Swedish Institute for Health Economics)
  12. Arshia Amiri (GREQAM)
  13. Alexandru Negrila (Intertel Communications SRL)
  14. Francisco F. Ribeiro Ramos (Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração de Coimbra, ISCAC)
  15. Cristiana Tudor (Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti) and Radu Lupu (Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti and Academia Romana)
  16. Soumitra Kumar Bera (North-Eastern Hill University)

Other documented cases

The following cases are public and documented. The RePEc plagiarism committee was not involved in them. Listed alphabetically.


  1. Carlos Pestana Barros: plagiarizing, plagiarized, apology
  2. Carlos Pestana Barros, Laurent Botti, Nicolas Peypoch, and Bernardin Solonandrasana: plagiarizing, plagiarized, apology
  3. Carlos Pestana Barros and Peter U.C Dieke: plagiarizing, plagiarized, apology
  4. Carlos Pestana Barros and Peter U.C. Dieke: plagiarizing, plagiarized, apology
  5. Carlos Pestana Barros and Nicolas Peypoch: plagiarizing, plagiarized, apology
  6. Eugene Z. Geh: plagarizing, plagiarized
  7. Hans Werner Gottinger: plagiarizing (chapter 6, Google Books), published version of plagiarized
  8. Hans Werner Gottinger: plagiarizing, published version of plagiarized
  9. Hans Werner Gottinger: plagiarizing, plagiarized, discussion
  10. Hans Werner Gottinger: plagiarizing, plagiarized, retraction.
  11. Hans Werner Gottinger: plagiarizing, plagiarized.
  12. Wolfgang Knapp and Peter Schmitt: plagiarizing, plagiarized, plagiarized, plagiarized, plagiarized, retraction.
  13. Conway L. Lackman: plagiarizing, plagiarized, retraction.
  14. Fan-Yong Liu: plagiarizing, plagiarized, retraction.
  15. Bashar H. Malkawi: plagiarizing, plagiarized.
  16. Mohsen Mehrara, Ali Moeini, Mehdi Ahrari and Ali Erfanifard: plagiarizing, plagiarized.
  17. John F. Nofsinger: plagiarizing, retraction.
  18. Konstantinos Papadoulis: plagiarizing, plagiarized, retraction
  19. Francisco F. Ribeiro Ramos: plagiarized, plagiarizing, correction.
  20. Georgiana Nicoleta Rosoi: plagiarizing, plagiarized, retraction.
  21. Yasmin Said, Edward Wegman, Walid Sharabati and John Rigsby: plagiarizing, retraction.
  22. Brian Swart (4): story.
  23. Kevin Tang, David A. Robinson and Michael Harvey: plagiarizing, plagiarized, retraction.
  24. Hsing-Chau Tseng, Chi-Hsiang Duan, Hui-Lien Tung and Hsiang-Jui Kung: plagiarizing, erratum.


  1. S. Balan, Prem Vrat and Pradeep Kumar: plagiarizing, plagiarizing, retraction
  2. Scott Baum, Anthea Bill and William F. Mitchell: plagiarizing, plagiarizing, retraction
  3. Frank Bruinsma, Karima Kourtit and Peter Nijkamp: plagiarizing, retraction NEW
  4. Hsu-Ling Chang, Chi-Wei Su and Meng-Nan Zhu: plagiarizing, plagiarizing, retraction
  5. Bruno Frey, David Savage and Benno Torgler: plagiarizing, plagiarizing, plagiarizing, plagiarizing, retraction, retraction.
  6. Daniel Gervini: plagiarizing, retraction.
  7. Paul Hamalainen, Maximilian Hall and Barry Howcroft: plagliarizing, plagiarized, plagiarized, retraction.
  8. Ulrich Lichtenthaler: plagiarizing, plagiarizing
  9. Peter Nijkamp: plagiarizing, retraction
  10. Mohammad Salam: plagiarizing, plagiarized, retraction
  11. Sheng-Dong Wang, Yong-Wu Zhou and Jun-Ping Wang: plagiarizing, plagiarized, retraction.

Alphabetical listing of all authors

  1. Ahrari, Mehdi
  2. Ailenei, Dorel
  3. Amiri, Arshia (3)
  4. Balan, S.
  5. Barros, Carlos Pestana (7)
  6. Baum, Scott
  7. Bera, Soumitra Kumar
  8. Bill, Anthea
  9. Botti, Laurent
  10. Bruinsma, Frank
  11. Chang, Hsu-Ling
  12. Cristescu, Amalia
  13. Da, Qingli
  14. Dieke, Peter U.C. (2)
  15. Duan, Chi-Hsiang
  16. Erfanifard, Ali
  17. Frey, Bruno
  18. Geh, Eugene Z.
  19. Gerdtham, Ulf-G.
  20. Gervini, Daniel
  21. Gottinger, Hans Werner (5)
  22. Hall, Maximilian
  23. Hamalainen, Paul
  24. Harvey, Michael
  25. Howcroft, Barry
  26. Jatta, Sylvester (3)
  27. Knapp, Wolfgang
  28. Kourtit, Karima
  29. Kumar, Pradeep
  30. Kung, Hsiang-Jui
  31. Lackman, Conway L.
  32. Lichtenthaler, Ulrich
  33. Liu, Fan-Yong
  34. Lupu, Radu
  35. Malkawi, Bashar H.
  36. Marinescu, Cosmin (2)
  37. Mehrara, Mohsen
  38. Mitchell, William F.
  39. Moeini, Ali
  40. Negrila, Alexandru
  41. Nijkamp, Peter (2)
  42. Nofsinger, John F.
  43. Papadopoulis, Konstantinos
  44. Peypoch, Nicolas (2)
  45. Ribeiro Ramos, Francisco F. (2)
  46. Rigsby, John
  47. Robinson, David A.
  48. Rosoi, Georgiana Nicoleta
  49. Said, Yasmin
  50. Salam, Mohammad
  51. Savage, David
  52. Schmitt, Peter
  53. Sharabati, Walid
  54. Solonandrasana, Bernardin
  55. Su, Chi-Wei
  56. Swart, Brian (4)
  57. Tang, Kevin
  58. Torgler, Benno
  59. Tseng, Hsing-Chau
  60. Tudor, Cristiana
  61. Tung, Hui-Lien
  62. Ventelou, Bruno
  63. Vrat, Prem
  64. Wang, Jun-Ping
  65. Wang, Sheng-Dong
  66. Wang, Yanhua
  67. Wegman, Edward
  68. Zhang, Jikiang
  69. Zhou, Yong-Wu
  70. Zhu, Meng-Nan

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