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RePEc plagiarism accused offender: Cosmin Marinescu


Name: Cosmin Marinescu
Affiliation at time of decision: Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest


Note: some links may turn invalid over time, especially if the committee has requested some works to be pulled.

Cosmin Marinescu, 2006. "On Significance of Transaction Costs in Institutional Economics," Romanian Economic Business Review, Romanian-American University, vol. 1(1), pages 75-84, March. (local copy)

Cosmin Marinesu, 2007. "Institutions, Human Action and Transaction Costs," The Journal of the Faculty of Economics – Economic Science Series, Oradea University, vol. 1, pages 399-403. (local copy)

Cosmin Marinescu, 2012. "Transaction Costs and Institutions' Efficiency: A Critical Approach," American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Wiley Blackwell, vol. 71(2), pages 254-276, 04. (local copy)

Jörg Guido Hülsmann, 2004. "The A Priori Foundations of Property Economics," The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Ludwig von Mises Institute, vol. (7(4), pages 41-68, Winter. (local copy)

There is substantial overlap between the three articles by Cosmin Marinescu. They do not cite each other.
In addition, the first paragraph of page 267 in the 2012 article corresponds almost word for word to the first paragraph of page 49 in Hülsmann (2000). Even though the latter is mentioned, it is not clear it is an almost identical quote. However, footnote 17 is identical to footnote 13 in Hülsmann (2000). The same footnote is footnote 1 in Marinescu (2006).
Also, the fourth paragraph of page 398 of Marinescu (2007) is identical to the first paragraph of page 49 of Hülsmann (2000).

Response of accused offender

Response of Cosmin Marinescu [pdf]. This letter addresses also another case. This is case 1.

Committee decision

NO Notification of offender superiors
YES Notification of editor published plagiarising work
YES Request of removal of plagiarising work
YES Notification of afflicted author(s)
YES Notification of afflicted editor
NO Banning of author from RePEc Author Service
YES Publication on RePEc plagiarism page

Further developments

Frederic Lee, Editor of the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, writes:
The AJES is doing the following: in the January 2013 issue of the AJES an erratum will be inserted stating that an earlier version of the article was published in the Romanian journal, but was retracted when the fully developed article was published in AJES.

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