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RePEc plagiarism accused offender: Alexandru Negrila


Name: Alexandru Negrila
Affiliation at time of decision: Intertel Communications SRL


Note: some links may turn invalid over time, especially if the committee has requested some works to be pulled.

Alexandru Negrila, 2011. "New Criminal Potential - Android Rootkit," Romanian Economic Business Review, Romanian-American University, vol. 5(1), pages 182-194, May. (local copy)

Nicholas J. Percoco and Christian Papathanasiou, 2010. "This is not the droid you're looking for...," Trustwave whitepaper, presented at DEF CON, 18 July 2010. (local copy)

The article of Alexandru Negrila is an identical copy of the paper by Percoco and Papathanasiou, save for a different title.

Response of accused offender

Alexandru Negrila elected not to respond (he looked at this page right after receiving a request for a response and has not reacted to a reminder).

Committee decision

YES Notification of offender superiors
YES Notification of editor published plagiarising work
YES Request of removal of plagiarising work
YES Notification of afflicted author(s)
YES Notification of afflicted editor
YES Banning of author from RePEc Author Service
YES Publication on RePEc plagiarism page

Further developments

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