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RePEc plagiarism accused offender: Francisco F. Ribeiro Ramos


Name: Francisco F. Ribeiro Ramos
Affiliation at time of decision: Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração de Coimbra (ISCAC)


Note: some links may turn invalid over time, especially if the committee has requested some works to be pulled.

Ribeiro Ramos, Francisco F., 2001. "Exports, imports, and economic growth in Portugal: evidence from causality and cointegration analysis," Economic Modelling, Elsevier, vol. 18(4), pages 613-623, December. (local copy)

Peter Kugler, 1991. "Growth, exports and cointegration: An empirical investigation," Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv), Springer, vol. 127(1), pages 73-82, March. (local copy)

Irene Henriques & Perry Sadorsky, 1996. "Export-Led Growth or Growth-Driven Exports? The Canadian Case," Canadian Journal of Economics, Canadian Economics Association, vol. 29(3), pages 540-55, August. (local copy)

The article by Ribeiro Ramos plagiarizes the other two:

Neither article is referenced by Ribeiro Ramos.

Response of accused offender

I confirm that 2/3 of the text of the* introduction* was mistakenly used without proper reference to the original source (Kugler, 1991) and that almost all the *section 2 *was taken without reference to the original (Henriques and Sadorsky, 1996). I apologize the authors and the for this conduct and deployed behaviour taken by myself at that time. The conduct and behaviour of the author is no longer reflected in these sad events.
I would like to take this opportunity to present few issues that help to understand what has happened.
  1. The paper object of accusation was first presented at the JSM of the American Statistical Association, Section of Business and Economics, Dallas, 1998. Submitted to the Economic Modelling at the end of 1998 and accepted for publication in July 2000.
  2. At that time, (1998 to 2001) the author was a teaching assistant at the University of Porto, Faculty of Economics, that was confronted with other accusations of plagio. His contract was terminated. The author was denied the enrolment in a PhD program at Porto and in the country (the Univ. system is small and everybody knew what has happened in Porto).
  3. Searching for medical advice in order to understand the reasons of that behaviour gave me the strengths for going abroad and rebuild my academic carrier.
  4. I spent eight years lecturing and supervising PhD students in the UK. The need of care assistance of a relative (mother) is the reason for my presence at the ISCAC (Portugal) as a temporary post of Adjunt Professor.
  5. From September 1st I will relocate to the UK again.
  6. One of the committee members (Dr. Paulo GuimarĂ£es) knows the past events.

Committee decision

YES Notification of offender superiors
YES Notification of editor published plagiarising work
YES Request of removal of plagiarising work
YES Notification of afflicted author(s)
YES Notification of afflicted editor
YES Banning of author from RePEc Author Service
YES Publication on RePEc plagiarism page

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