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Plagiarism [...] is the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication, of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions, and the representation of them as one's own original work.
Within academia, plagiarism by students, professors, or researchers is considered academic dishonesty or academic fraud, and offenders are subject to academic censure, up to and including expulsion.

Source: Wikipedia (accessed 1 February 2011)

Plagiarism is a serious offense of scientific ethics, yet detected plagiarism too often results in consequences that have little bite. Indeed, an offender may be punished by his/her current employer, and then move on to another job without further consequences. Sometimes, even the employer may not even care and in some rare cases sponsor plagiarism.

The goal of this page is to highlight cases of plagiarism in Economics. All cases have been evaluated by a committee. Each case provides a full description, so that the reader can judge by him/herself whether plagiarism occurred. The response of the accused plagiariser is also published.

To submit a case of plagiarism, please follow the procedure detailed below. We are also looking for more volunteers to serve on the committee. In both cases, contact any member.


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