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RePEc plagiarism accused offender: Pier Giorgio Ardeni


Name: Pier Giorgio Ardeni
Affiliation at time of decision: Università degli Studi di Bologna


Note: some links may turn invalid over time, especially if the committee has requested some works to be pulled.

P. G. Ardeni, 2014. "Being a consultant "expert" in a developing country: the legacy and lessons of Albert Hirschman," Working Papers wp964, Dipartimento Scienze Economiche, Universita' di Bologna. (local copy)

A. M. Bianchi, 2012. "Albert Hirschman in Latin America: Notes on Hirschman's Trilogy on Economic Development," Nueva Economía, vol. XIX(36), pages 103-123, November. (local copy, working paper version)

A. M. Bianchi, 2006. "Hirschman and the Visiting-Economist Syndrome," manuscript, Universidade de São Paulo. (local copy)

M. Alacevich, 2011. "Early Development Economics Debates Revisited," Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Cambridge University Press, vol. 33(02), pages 145-171, June. (local copy, working paper version, local copy)

The Ardeni (2014) paper quotes heavily without attribution or citation from the Bianchi papers (comparison) and by Alacevich (comparison)

Response of accused offender

Pier Giorgio Ardeni sends his response to a SSRN ticket (printout) along with a revised working paper (local copy). His response states:
As I have already explained to Mr Alacevich and Mrs Bianchi that there were some serious misquotations, editing mistakes and loose footnote additions on an unrevised version of the paper that was submitted to the SSRN. I have therefore thoroughly revised the paper, editing and amending it whenever needed in order to properly contextualize quotations and excerpts. Attached, the revised corrected version of the paper that I am re-submitting.

Committee decision

YES Notification of offender superiors
YES Notification of editor published plagiarising work
YES Request of removal of plagiarising work
YES Notification of afflicted author(s)
YES Notification of afflicted editor
___ Banning of author from RePEc Author Service
YES Publication on RePEc plagiarism page

Further developments

The NEP-HIS blog, which discussed Ardeni's paper, has posted a notice that the paper was found to be a case of plagiarism (link).

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